iTexMo SMS began on June 2014 as a free text windows pc app to help our fellow Filipinos, especially those working or living abroad, communicate with their loved ones for free. Its main feature is unlimited sending and receiving texts from/to a personal computer to/from a cellular phone, even the most ordinary one. It was a hit and within a short period of time has reached thousands of users. It now has over 20,000 registered users.

In early 2015, iTexMo SMS thought of sharing its SMS servers with those who want to send their SMS via API. Our main goal was to help other developers, especially students, to easily integrate our API so that they can send SMS without the need for any special hardware and codes. It quickly gained patronage and many student subscribers are currently using our free trial ApiCodes for their thesis. Soon after, we launched bigger packages at very affordable prices for those who need to send bigger SMS volume. About a year later, we introduced our professional and corporate ApiCodes for bigger, corporate clients.

At present, iTexMo SMS has issued over 2,000 ApiCodes and has over 200 daily active ApiCode users sending over 30,000 SMS daily.